Saturday, October 25, 2014

I Fixed A Lamp...And It Only Took 5 Years

One of the problems I have  is that I am a terrible procrastinator. In fact,a few years ago I posted about how I was Queen of Procrastination. I have great ideas,and get all excited about doing them...however,I never seem to do them in a timely manner. It's one of faults and I completely own up to it.My intention is always wonderful. Getting intention into action is whole other issue.

Take for instance,The Lamp.

The Lamp is a lamp that my Mom gave us several years ago. It was a wedding gift for my parents,which makes The Lamp 67 years old. I don't ever remember The Lamp being used. It was always stashed in the "cubby hole"-- the area off my bedroom that had a door leading to it (those who grew up in Cape style houses or the like will know what I am referring to).

At any rate,Mom gave us The Lamp,and we used it. It worked great,then it died on us 5 or so years ago. Diagnosis: it needed to be rewired. Seems simple enough. Well,like anything else I have never done before, I looked up what I needed to do,and printed out the instructions. Note the date I printed it,so you can see that when I say I am procrastinator,you know I kid you not:

Judging by the date,I must have been in a New Year's Resolution mode (another thing which I never stick to,so I no longer make them).  So there it was. Fix The Lamp!!!

Time rolls by....2010,2011,2012,2013,2014.....and this whole time,The Lamp sits on my bedroom floor,as well as the shade. And it sits...and sits...collecting dust.

Four months ago,I finally pulled out the instructions to see what what I would need to buy to fix The Lamp- wiring,a plug,and a light socket. For four months,these items would hang out in the bedroom as well, though they did get moved from the closet,to on top of my yarn basket,to finally falling on the floor and being ignored.

Two days ago,I rolled up my sleeves and decided that 5 years was enough.

It was so pathetically easy.

Here is The Lamp with all it's replacement parts:

Here it is all fixed! I don't think it took 1/2 an hour to read the directions,figure out a couple things,and clean it up.

I also scrubbed the shade with a brush and some dish soap. I got most of the dirt off,though it still looks a bit on the yellow side.However, it's much much better than it was. Here The Lamp is in it's place of honor. Please note the Outlander book!

So there it is....The Lamp..which only took 5 years and 1/2 an hour to fix!!