About Us


Here we are in all our glory....I am Donna,and this is my hubby Rick,otherwise known as The Man of the Place (I stole that from Laura Ingalls Wilder,one of my fave authors).

Our lives were pretty ordinary until July 28,2005,when Rick was in an RPG attack in Ramadi,Iraq. He now has chronic PTSD and a brain injury,which prevents him from working. He gets confused,has problems reading and writing,and has to do things in his own way. I am a homemaker and caregiver. Together we decided to make the most of what we have-by doing more for ourselves. It keeps Rick busy and gives him a feeling of "worth" (his word) and accomplishment. We started with a garden,then chickens,making our own soap and cleaning products. Next year,it's goats and sheep!!

This is our son,Zach,otherwise known as The Boy. He's an honor student,and Life Scout ready to work on his Eagle project. Did you hear about the Boys Scouts that got zapped by lightning in NH this past June? He was one of them. His fellow Boy Scout Troop members now call him Zeus.

We also have two dogs,Samson and Sasha,and four cats-Moxie,Omar,Smokey,and Molly Bruce.


  1. I can't wait to follow this part of your journey. I loved your other blog, so I'm sure to love this one just as much.

    Teri Clough Whitten