Friday, January 2, 2015

I'm Ready To Fill In My Blank Page-Are You?

Welcome to 2015! 

What I love about New Year's is that a whole year is stretched ahead of me,just like a blank sheet of paper. There is something about blank pages I have always loved-when I would get notebooks for school,I couldn't wait to start writing in them. Now I am anxious to write on 2015.

I gave up New Year resolutions a few years ago,because I never followed through on them,so what was the point? I decided to take one day at a time. With Rick's PTSD and TBI,all we can do is take one day at a time. Since he began his intensive cognitive therapy for his PTSD,he has had to deal with "pseudo seizures". When he goes through one,it takes a day or two for him to regroup because drains him mentally.  Basically,the emotion and memory areas of the brain overload and shuts down.Thankfully he has not had one for a few weeks.Admittedly,this past year has not been good for me,either. My motivation has not been up there. I admit it. I have felt like a slug.

However,things have been better and I am ready to go at it---one day at time.

This time of year is perfect for organizing and decluttering the house,as well as putting the finishing touches on things left unfinished. Now,that is not saying that all will get done,because I know it won't. However, what does get done will be an accomplishment,and that will make me happy.

My first step will be to go from room to room and look.It's easy to gloss over things when you see them every day,because,well,you really don't see them anymore. So I am really going to look. What do I need? Why do I have what I have? Does it enhance my life? Does it serve a purpose? How can I make an area function better? Is this looking nice,and if not,what do I want to do make it better?  What needs fixing or replacing?

That is my first step.

What are you writing on your blank page? How do you organize or declutter?

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  1. This time divesting is more complete than any other time I have forced myself to do it. The move to this new place, which is smaller than the other place is a huge motivating factor.

    Although, I do have to add that leaving things behind, making those decisions whilst packing it all up, is slightly less stressful, given my attachment to everything crafty, artsy and fun.

    My blank page holds significantly less stuff, both material and emotional.