What's With The Name??

What in the wide wide world of sports is a cöpse,let alone a cöpse clearing,and how in the world do you pronounce it?

I had no clue either.

We were trying to figure out a name for the farm. It seemed like every name we sent in to the state for a Tradename (a name we could use to sell product that no one else could use) had been taken. Rick didn't want one name for the farm and one for selling items,which I agreed with.

I was sitting at the computer thinking about what we could call it,and I thought I would look up the meanings of our last names-Rick's being Shaw,and my maiden name being Lessard. Perhaps I would find some inspiration.

Shaw:  someone who lives by a cöpse or a thicket. I had no clue what a cöpse was,let alone how to say it. ( It's pronounced cops,as in a policeman,by the way).Next I had to look up cöpse. The definition is a thicket of of small trees or bushes,a small wood.

Lessard: someone who lived in a clearing.

Well,we do live in a clearing. And this is our cöpse:

It seemed like Cöpse Clearing Farm was perfect. It was an homage to our family names,and described our property. It had to be ours,it was the perfect name. Happily,no one else in the state registered it,so it's all ours!!

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