Monday, January 26, 2015

Here She Comes!!!

This winter has been fairly uneventful snow wise here in NH. 

Until,tonight,that is.

Apparently Mother Nature is pulling out all the stops for this good old fashioned Nor'Easter. It's actually overdue. News stations have been proclaiming the arrival of the SNOWPOCALYSE (cue the dramatic music). I think it's funny that they give these storms such dramatic names. It's a Nor'easter with blizzard conditions. You would think saying that would be sufficient enough--apparently using dramatic titles is necessary to emphasis the point that there is a big ass storm coming,so get situated in case.

We live in Northern Strafford county. If you look at the map,that is the county in pink on the border of Maine that has three prongs on top.We are the middle prong (or,as I jokingly refer to it as,the middle finger of Strafford County). We are in the area that is also under a blizzard watch-wind gusts from 35-65 mph. Being as far in land as we are,I suspect we will be on the lower end of those gusts,but it's still enough to lose power. More than enough,actually,especially with heavy snowfall that can range anywhere from 1"-3" an hour.

I think it's safe to say that Zach will not have school tomorrow.

We are ready for it. Our preparations are typical:

 -water set aside for the animals,drinking,and cooking,as well as for             flushing the toilet when needed

  -gas cans filled

  -generator ready to go and filled with gas. 

 -plenty of wood for the need to have to worry about              using the generator for the furnace or for a pellet stove
 -oil lamps filled,candles and flashlights

 -all electronics,such as cell phones charged. We still have a land line,so if our power goes,we need our cell phones. We are on an emergency CODE RED system here in NH,and Rick's cell phone has been added to it case we lose power and therefore lose use of the land line.

-paper plates,plastic utensils,etc so we don't have to worry about washing dishes and therefore save on water

-the outside animals all have extra hay,and the goats have good protection. 

-camp stove at the ready in case

-snowblower ready...shovels too!

If you are in the path of the SNOWPOCALYSE,stay safe!


  1. Oh, yes you are!

    I have been watching the storm move in on a couple of live cams. We had flurries to coat the car and roads, but this was supposed to miss us. Rats.

    1. You are lucky! We have the fun of digging out now :)

  2. I hear it didn't turn up in NY ;-D At least they all got a day off lol You sound well prepared, keep warm.

    1. NY didn't get hit quite as hard as predicted- we sure got what they said we were going to to get. It snowed for almost 24 hours here.