Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Digging Out

The storm is finally over. It began for us around 3:00 AM Tues morning and ended roughly 24 later. While we didn't reach blizzard status,the wind was sure whipping none the less. The heavy snow bands (at rates ranging from 2-3 inches per hour) plus the wind made for pretty poor visibility. Governor Hassan declared a state of emergency,and urged people to stay home. She did not issue a driving ban. Thankfully,most people listened and stayed off the roads. Very few people lost power. We were not among them,thankfully.

Zach of course had no school. Rick felt it was counterproductive to try and and do any snow clearing until the storm passed. He has been fighting and intestinal bug that has been going around,so his energy levels haven't been the best. I have have bouts of it off and on. Zach did go out and shovel off the steps and the deck at one point. A couple hours later,it looked like he didn't do anything at all. It was a good day to kick back.

Some areas got over 30" of snow,not including the snow drifts. The surrounding towns said the got around 15",but it sure seems like we got closer to 2 ft here,judging by the height of the snow in some areas ( not drifts). We do have drifts at least 4 feet high in some spots.

See the the big white lump on Rick's truck hood? That is actually Zach's behind the truck-it's buried in snow.

We have  good sized drifts in front of the side door to the barn.

Today is Dig Out day. School has been cancelled again because of clean up. We have paths to the sheep,turkey,the barn,the woodpile,the driveway,the mailbox,the deck,the porch,the walkway to the porch,and the roofs to shovel. We do have a snow blower to help. It's going to be a tiring day.

I'm glad that Rick filled the bird feeders before the storm-it was great seeing my feathered friends coming out in the storm-blue jays,chickadees,sparrows,juncos and huthatches.

Here's a brief video of Rick seeing how far the goats would to into the snow. For some reason,my camera clicks and the lens moves back and forth. I have no idea why. You can hear Zach telling Richie to get back in the house-he loves to sneak onto the mud room and get in the cat food!

It's lovely to see the sun shining !


  1. Too cool. I love winter, adore getting out and shoveling snow. It is so peaceful. I am in no rush and because of my heart stuff do not push myself, so shoveling that takes a long time is so meditative and personally calming. During the last big snow a few weeks back, I went out three times so that I would not have to struggle with huge piles.

    However, this season has found me loving it slightly less. I am not sure why, possibly my age or some darn thing. So far the snow has been mostly the light and fluffy kind, only one snowfall that was wet and heavy.

  2. That is a lot of snow, keep warm ya'all. The goats look a tad bemused by it all and as for the dogs! well they know where to be don't they haha