Saturday, February 1, 2014

Home Organization Binders

I had a home organizer binder for a few years now. It was a 3" binder,that was getting so very full that I had no room to put any more pages in it. It was also quite heavy. I had not only household organizing in it,but gardening and chicken info too. Well, now that we are expanding,I had to separate the home from the farm. My old binder was very boring. I perused various websites and found some nice ideas at I liked the idea of photos and quotes,so I scoured the internet and made some pages of my own,thanks to her ideas. A great website for information pages is It has some info pages that you can download and just type the information right onto the pages! 

My home binder:

Here is an example of the beginning of the section for contact information:

In the home binder, I have the following sections:

-Contacts and Reference Information
 *Emergency Numbers
 *Family and Friends Contact Info
 *School Info
 *Medical Information
 *Website passwords
 *Utility,Insurance Info

-Homemaking Info
 * Daily,Weekly,Monthly and Seasonal To do lists
 * Homemade Cleaning Recipes 
 * Laundry Soap records ( how much I spend and how often I make it to see how much     money I save)
 *Essential Oil Information


I save ideas from magazines and incorporate them into the binder as well.

Farm information:

 *What is planted and dates
 *Square foot garden maps
 *Weights of harvests
 * What I sell and how much is earned ( New for this year!)

 *Number of chickens 
 *Egg records-gathered,sold,and how much earned
 * Feed records 

 *Health records,when it's time to trim hooves,etc
 * Record of feed hay and bedding hay,when bought and how much spent
 * Shearing Records-when sheared,how much collected
 * Yarn Records-weight and number of skeins spun, plants used for coloring,color records ( New for this year!)

-Goats ( new in Spring!)
 * Health records
 * Feed records
 *Birth records (2015)
 * Milk weight (2015)
 * Products produced ( milk,cheese,soap.etc) how much made,sold,and earned (2015)

Each binder is different for each person. What you want to keep track of depends on you! You will need:
-2" or 3" binders
-plastic paper protectors
-tabbed dividers ( if you wish to break down the main subjects more)
-stick on file tabs

To decided what subjects I wished to put in the organizers,I wrote everything I wanted to include  on a piece of paper. I chose the main topics,and then decided what information that I wanted to include in each one.

I have also made a binder for all the instruction booklets,warranties,and manuals for things  around the house,such as the computer,TVs,DVD player,fridge,oven,etc. I got tired of them slipping and sliding in the file cabinet. Now everything is in a page protector and is not going anywhere. I also made a binder for my knitting and crocheting patterns,and am working on one ( or more) for my family tree information. Right now I have several notebooks and folders that are jammed into the bottom drawer of the file cabinet,and I really need to free up the space.

A quick thank you to everyone who responded to my last post. You have no idea how comforting it is to read such wonderful,heartfelt support!


  1. Your post has inspired me to re-organize myself. I have my future sewing and knitting ideas in a binder as well. I used to have a home journal several years ago but for whatever reason stopped using it. I think it would be a good idea to start again, my desk is starting to have bits of paper here and there that are important all in a basket. It is driving this normally organized lady up the wall. Great post!!!