Saturday, September 21, 2013

Catching... (pant)....My (pant).....Breath (pant)

Yes, I am still here,and hanging my head in shame because it's been so long since I posted last. Everything decided to happened at once these past few weeks.

Shall I enlighten you?

Oh,good,I knew you'd be dying to know!

First,some great news! Rick was accepted into the NEADS ( National Education for Assistance Dog Services) Canines For Combat Vets program. It took a long time,but he was put in,and he had to go down to Princeton MA to their training facility for two weeks. He was able to come on on the weekend in between,which was nice. It's a 2 hr and 15 minute drive one way,so on the days I had to pick him up,it meant a 5 hour drive for me. When I got home,I was wiped out,so that day was toast. When I had to bring him back,I was lucky that they allowed me to spend the night so I could at least break the driving up. 

He is now done training with his dog,Richie,and he and Richie are home.He's a lovely,gorgeous dog,and helps with Rick's anxiety a great deal. He's all business when he's in his vest,but when it's off,he's just like any other dog. We do have to bear in mind that he is working dog and not a family pet,so Rick has to be the one to feed him,work on commands with him,exercise him,etc. We can pet him and love him,but we need to remember he is there for Rick.

My schedule the last two weeks has gone like this:
Bring Rick to MA,come home Monday,troop meeting that night, grocery shopping Tuedsay,PLC meeting on Wednesday,Scout Roundtable on Thursday night,pick up Rick and Richie Friday (round trip),Sat 9-1 work the Fair parking cars for a Troop fundraiser,Sunday park cars 9-1,drive Rick and Richie back down to MA,come back Monday,work at the Fair Monday night,bring Zach to the dentist on Tues,Weds night park cars,Thursday a whole day off (!),yesterday pick up Rick and Richie (round trip).Of course, the daily things fit in there somewhere. Did I mention that we found kittens and the Mumma took off,so we are bottle feeding five kittens every few hours? Or that we are  in the end throes building new mini deck off the mud room? Or that we have to plan and build a barn by the end of Fall because we are getting sheep? Or that we had to get the brakes on the truck fixed by yesterday because the Troop is helping run Webelos Fall Overnight this weekend and our truck is the only one big enough to tow the Troop trailer? Thankfully,our Scoutmaster took Rick's truck and the trailer up and I just had to bring Rick and Richie up this AM to the camping site. Rick's brain was too pooped to come home and rush and pack and drive up there with Zach and Richie.

Deep sigh........

While many folks are used to running around on a daily basis, and think that I am a pathetic weenie, let me say that their life and mine are different. Being this busy is very rare for us. In fact,3 or 4 days can go by without me leaving-I work around the house and yard and have my own schedule to keep. I felt like a mad woman wanting to pull the hair out of my head,and kept telling myself to just keep my mind focused on what was going on in the moment.I felt very overwhelmed. Thursday I had nowhere to go,which was great,because I was able to play catch up with the house work before Rick and Richie came home.

Today I am going to plod along outside,clean out the garden beds that need it,and make some laundry soap.

Enjoy your day! I may take a nap later..LOL!


  1. I am not saying that you are...but perhaps we need a support group for all of us pathetic weenies. Just saying.

  2. Seriously! Everyone has a different lifestyle. Mine is low key and I like it like that. The only downside is when life gets hectic I am not used to it. I just kept saying,"This too shall pass." :)