Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Harvest

Saturday I cleaned out the garden beds,with the exception of the pumpkin and tomato beds. 
Not the biggest harvest,but a harvest nonetheless:

The carrots were the biggest grower this year,beside the green beans. I could've left the carrots a while longer in the bed covered with mulch,but the beds are being moved.

See this photo below? This is where our barn is going to go.Right off our garage. The chicken coop is going to be turned to the left and will be  used for tool storage. The chickens will be kept in an area in the barn,with their own little outdoor roaming area. The window that you see on the garage is going-it's going onto the barn. That area will a door so we can access the barn from inside the garage. The back of the coop will also have a door so we can access it from inside the barn. Where I am standing in the photo will be a grazing area for the sheep and goats.

Next year,we are going to scale back the garden. It makes no sense to continue growing things that never do well,or that we never seem to eat. Garlic,carrots, and green beans are things we will grow,and more of them. This year's carrot crop was great. Plus,Richie eats green beans and carrots as part of his diet,so that will also save us money. What else we are going to do will be determined. I do want to grow a dye garden for dying my yarn.

Today I am going to freeze the carrots. Tonight it's ham,fresh carrots and potatoes (what we have of them).

How did your harvest go? Is there anything you have decided to stop growing because it just never seems to do well?

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  1. I love that your chickens interior space will be part of the barn. So nice and safe for them. So much easier to clean, well out of the fancies of weather. Brilliant.

    I also love that Richie has his own nutritional needs being met by your garden. So cool.

    My tiny garden 10' x 12-18", did stunningly well. I will have a year's worth of dried and frozen parsley. The tomatoes fed me and some friends all summer and I have plans for protecting the last tomato plant, which is ginormous and has taken over half of that garden space (really, you cannot believe how huge that plant is!), well into November. It chock full of tomatoes and blossoms. Seriously, no one can believe that it began as a puny seedling from KMart. I have let a couple of the fruits get over-ripe and fall to the ground to see if it grows back on it's own. Same thing for the Krim.

    The green peppers were a disappointment and will not be back. My zucchini did poorly, but I am going to give it something to climb next year and that should help.

    I have not been able to find seeds to sow some lettuces and kale for the late garden. Maybe I will locate some on Thursday.

    The raccoons took their share, as did an opossum, but that is fine.