Saturday, October 26, 2013

Freezing Rain

I finally made a batch of soap with my new soap mold:

I don't think I let it sit long enough in the mold,even though 24 hours was the suggested time frame on the directions the company sent. When I tried to pull the sides and dividers out,it was a bit sticky,even though I put the mold into the oven at 170 degrees for 10 minutes as was suggested "because some soap recipes are stickier than others." I was able to get my soap out,but some of the edges came off with the dividers. Next time I will let it sit for 48 hours. I use essential oils from Edens' Garden ( you can find their website here) and in this case, I used their Stress Relief oil,which is a combo of Bergamot,Blood Orange,Grapefruit,Patchouli, and Yling Ylang. The smell is very soothing. I have the bars on a cooling rack in the closet in our bedroom,curing.

Yesterday Rick wanted to go for drive down an area where he has gone hunting. He asked if I wanted to go,and I jumped at the the chance. I haven't been driving down an unfamiliar dirt road in a long time,and it was a pretty day,even though the wind was quite chilly. I always enjoy exploring with Rick.He brought his rifle in case we saw any game that is in season.

I thought they way the sun was coming through this patch of trees was pretty:

I would love to live way out these woods:

Some of the brilliance of our foliage:

Light at the end of the tunnel!

I love birch trees,even if they are pretty bare:


Fairly fresh deer tracks:

The sky started clouding up as we were on our way home.  As we were pulling back onto the main road,I commented to Rick,"It looks like snow." This time of year,when the air is chilly and the dark clouds roll in,the sky just has a look. The look of snow. Those of you who live in snowy area know what I mean. I stepped out on the front deck to take a picture of sky didn't start snowing,but it did start freezing rain.

Thankfully,our wood stove was going and the house was nice and warm. I worked a bit more on the pair of mittens that I had started knitting,and ran a few errands for our Boys Scout Halloween party on Monday.  I picked up some treats for the boys,some decorations,and the ingredients for Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and a couple mixes for some gluten free brownies.

I have to leave you with one more photo:

Last night we had ham for dinner,and this AM Rick made eggs and ham for breakfast. He was cutting pieces up and I noticed the dogs were all standing in back of him. I told him that he had an audience,and he turned around with the piece of ham and said,"Is this what you want? You're not getting it!"

Enjoy your day!


  1. That last picture is priceless. And your kitchen looks so nice and cozy! Yes, living in Michigan, I know exactly what you mean by knowing from the sky that it looks like snow. I look forward to many future posts as you expand little farm, especially with the sheep! Will you just be selling your soap locally, or do you plan to sell online as well?

    1. I just happened to be next to the camera when I noticed the dogs all behind him,and I told him he had an audience. He turned around,and i snapped the photo. It was perfect timing,which doesn't usually happen!
      I am going to start selling out of the house first.Like anything else around here,we take things rather slowly. :) You never know...I may start doing it online.
      Glad to hear from you :)

  2. Three nice dogs.
    Three nice dogs.
    See how they sit.
    Watch how they drool.

    They wanted a treat,
    And they waited so sweet,
    Their dad was amused
    But he said, "Oh, you can...


    Have the ham.
    Have the ham.

    I will bet you a nickle that they did get some, though.

  3. We love the poem!
    You owe me a ham for the dogs,too much salt in it for them :) LOL!

  4. Hi Donna-
    I read your blog about once a month and have enjoyed it- thank you! I know that you are a Little House fan, as am I, and just read this PBS article, which I found interesting and think you will too. In no way does this dim my enjoyment of Little House- in fact I am even more fascinated!
    On another Little House note- have you read anything about Mary not actually being blinded by Scarlet Fever? Pretty interesting reading too!

  5. Thank you for the link! It was very interesting.I knew that Rose was a pioneer of the Libertarian movement,and that she had a heavy hand in the editing of the "Little House"books, It was either never mentioned or edited out ( I have not read the manuscripts of the bookis)that Pa and the family skipped out of Burr Oak IA when they were behind on rent and never paid it,or that Mary actually had financial help from the state which allowed her to go the Vinton School For The Blind. I guess that would not keep with the image that Rose and Laura were trying to convey.
    I have also read that Mary suffered from a form of meningitis,and that it was a stroke resulting from the meningitis that took her sight.The consensus is that Laura felt more people would be familiar with Scarlet Fever than would be with what meningitis was,so she used that illness i her books. She had been diagnosed with "Brain Fever",which could have meant any number of ailments back then.
    The more biographies I read,the more I learn about the real Laura and that has not diminished my love of her books either!!!