Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Favorite Time Of The Year

Fall is my favorite time of the year. The days may require a sweatshirt,but most are still comfortable,and the nights are nice and cool. Humidity goes away,although the random hot and humid day may make a brief appearance. It's time for apple picking,and decorating with pumpkins and mums. The leaves are starting to fall to the ground. I love when I am walking and am suddenly enveloped in gentle shower of leaves. The crunching sound they make as I walk through them is like a fall symphony. Crock pot meals are more frequent. I light cinnamon or pumpkin spice scented candles. It's time to make the house cozy.

This morning I was enjoying some blueberry coffee and sitting on the deck. It is a bit chilly in the mornings,usually in the 40's,so my bathrobe has become a morning fixture. We still have not started the wood stove,nor the furnace (we need to replace the furnace,actually). It hasn't been quite that cold or raw yet ,though a couple of mornings I was quite temped to throw some wood in the stove! Today it is cloudy,which has been unusual. Our weather has been glorious,lots of blue sky and bright sun.I guess the old sun has decided to take a break for a while!

The colors are coming in nicely on the trees. This is from Kings Highway, the front of our house, looking left towards the park across the street:

This is looking down Avon Lane,towards the back of our property:

We should be going apple picking fairly soon. Our apple tree only produced a few apples this year,but we were expecting that as we cut it back quite a bit at once. Our second tree is still too young to bear fruit.

I am by myself today. Rick,Zach,and Richie are with the Boy Scouts at the annual Fall Camporee for the weekend. My job for the day is to pick out windows and a door for the mudroom.

I thought I would leave you with an incredibly cute photo. Here is Richie with some of the kittens that we have been nursing:

Is that too adorable or what???


  1. Richie and the tabbies are a l m o s t too adorable, but who cares. Seeing all four of them taking and giving comfort is wonderful. What a nice life you have. Not envious, though, because you guys deserve all the best of everything.

  2. Oh my! Cuteness overload :D Yep I live autumn but I also like Spring with all it's promise of things to come :D