Friday, December 20, 2013

An Early Christmas Present

Rick was mighty curious as to which day I was going grocery shopping this week.Normally I try to go on Tuesdays,but sometimes I do it on Wednesdays. This week was a Tuesday. He told me to make sure I had my cell phone on me,because I couldn't come home until he told me. He had been working on my Christmas gift,he explained,and I wasn't allowed home until it was set. I did have some errands to run after grocery shopping,so that wasn't a bad deal.My curiosity was getting the better of me,and I kept wondering what in the wide wide world of sports he had planned and what he was bringing.

Sure enough,a couple hours after I left the house,he called to tell me to give him "another half an hour" and I could come home. I actually gave him a bit more than that,and as I pulled up to the house I was looking around to see if anything was different. Nope. Everything looked the same. He helped me with the groceries,then told me that I had to close my eyes. I did,and he led me through the back yard.(Thank goodness for snow blown paths!!) He kept saying,"I wanted to get you something that you will like." Since he was leading me towards the sheep,I thought maybe he had bought them coats to help keep their fleece clean."It's something that is very useful," he told me,as he led me into the pen. I heard him opening the wooden gate,and then he said,"Open your eyes!"

There stood a third sheep!!

Rick had bought another sheep,the twin of Lady Woosley. This sheep was a bit lighter,with more coloring,had red ears and a spot on her nose. The spot reminded me of the book Farmer Boy,when Almanzo names his colt Starlight because of the mark on it's nose,so she became Lady Starlight.

Now we officially have a flock of sheep! When we go out to feed,water,or just visit them,they bleat their hello.
It was a real cool present...

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