Friday, December 13, 2013

Finds I Love!

We have a spot over our kitchen sink for a light fixture,like most homes. And,like many homes (ours especially,since it started out as a camp)nothing is square and many things were poorly installed. When we moved in,there was a generic white globe fixture over the sink. It was ugly,and it was crooked,but I lived with it. I had far more important things on my agenda (Rick in Iraq and his readjustment into life in World,plus being a Mom of a little boy) than worrying about a slightly lopsided ugly light.

When we decided to redo the kitchen,I gleefully rubbed my hands together at the thought of picking out a new fixture. One that I liked! I wanted everything to reflect who we are. We realized that the reason why the fixture was crooked was that the outlet was so close to the wall that any fixtures didn't quite fit. A light bulb could fit,but no glass fixtures to make it pretty. We would have to go into the attic and see if we could pull the electrical lines a bit further from the wall,which we discovered was a no go. We didn't have enough lead to do it. 

Hmm. I didn't want a bare light bulb just hanging there,though we did do that for a bit. It looked half finished.And the only glass fixtures that I could possible squeeze in there was-you guessed it-the ugly white globe that would have to be slightly crooked so it would fit.

I then remembered seeing in an a magazine an old style lightbulb,the clear kind where you can see the filaments glow when it's lit. Now,that would be cool exposed without a glass fixture. It would look old school. I had to have one. However,I didn't want to spend tens of dollars for one bulb. Ten,maybe,but not tens! It would be worth it to splurge a little.

As luck would have it,I was in Home Depot one day,and decided to check out their light section. Low and behold,I found what I was looking for. A vintage light bulb,for $9.97.

I found the light bulb,but I needed an pull chain so I could turn it off and on. ( Did I mention that the light above the sink had to be a pull chain light? I guess I forgot).Happily,they also had some pretty attachments for the pull chain. I picked a pretty multi-colored glass bead attachment. Here is the full length view:

Here is the close up-a bit blurry,sorry!

I LOVE the way it looks! It adds to the room and helps create the feel that I want.


  1. Very cool light. Seems perfect for the style of your home too. I'm sure you'll post pictures when the kitchen is completely done (Please?). I also just read your last post about the sheep. One movie character's name who comes to mind who was tomboyish and shy, was Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird. Just throwing it out there. Good luck finding the perfect name for her. I love 'Lady Violet'!

  2. Hi Donna, I'm sorry I am just finding my way over to your new beautiful blog! As you know, things have been a bit hectic in my little corner of the world. I absolutely love your light solution. I too really like the vintage bulb look, and it works very well in your newly remodeled kitchen. I especially like the beading on the pull chain. It's a really nice touch. ((hugs)))