Monday, March 31, 2014


Yesterday it rained all day,which was great for getting rid of some of the snow we have. Of course,we still have 2-3 feet,but it's a start!

This morning we have freezing rain. I am surprised that there wasn't at least a two hour delay for school,but it started on time. Our local channel is calling for some ice accumulation. All I have to do look outside-no one had to tell me that!

Ice hanging off the branches:

The deck is a wee bit slippery:

Ice everywhere!

You can hear the freezing rain hitting the roof and deck outside.The salt truck has been going back and forth. It's a good day to look over my seed stock and make some more laundry soap. Guess I will wait until tomorrow to go grocery shopping!


  1. The rain has washed all of our snow away. Well, most of it.

    How could not see the snow weasel on the near-upper right-hand side of the second picture? Girl, you might be getting old.