Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Teaching An Old Dog A New Trick

I love to learn. I love to read about history,and how to do things that I have never done before. I am more of a cerebral learner,though,meaning that I am all about reading and thinking about what I have learned,but doing things hands on that I have never tired before really intimidate me. I tend to think about something for a long time before I can bring myself to attempt it. It doesn't matter what it is. I have to be mentally prepped for it. Strange,I know,but I is who I is!

I finally decided to buy a sewing machine. Zach and Rick both needed  new scout shirts,so all their patches need to be transferred over from their old shirts. I can do a bit of hand sewing-I can sew patches on a shirt,but it takes a long time and I usually wind up with the shirt sewn to my pants.I can sew a button back on,but I usually cross my fingers to will it  because I never know if it's going to stay put. Rick is an excellent sewer,and faster than I,but he has enough on his plate.It's something I have wanted to learn,because I would love to make my curtains,quilts,etc.

I bought the machine a couple weeks ago. I took it out of the box,and read the manual and found what was what and what goes where. That was enough for me for one day.

I figured out what thread I needed to buy,and that was an experience in it's self. Who know there was different threads for different projects! I thought thread was thread!!

Yesterday,I finally worked up the gumption to work the machine. I had my instruction book,and the red thread for the first patch. Was I actually going to sew the patches? No way! All I was ready to do was operate it and practice a simple stitch.

I put it on the table and eyed it for a couple of minutes. It sat there,mocking me. What? You afraid of me?? Wimp! !Come on,thread me,I dare you!!! 

I breathed deep,read the instructions for threading a bobbin,and began.

I did mess up starting the bobbin at first. I didn't thread it correctly,but I figured out my error and started over.

What do you know??? I actually began sewing. I had an old t shirt that I used to practice the basic stitch with. Lennon decided to get in on the action:

I was so excited by the simplicity of it,that I tried a few other stitch patterns-ones I didn't have change the foot for.
Take that,Brother CS6000i!! You did not defeat me!! Your mocking tone and Mean Girl vibe did not put me off!