Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mud Season

I love when he weather starts getting warmer and the snow melts. We have had it with the snow and cold.This week,temperatures are in the  upper 50's-low 60's.That's practically tropical!!

The downfall to the snow melt and the showers that April bring,is the mud. Yes,mud season is upon us.

Mud everywhere! Deep puddles of water,several inches of mud. One has to have Muck-Muck boots to walk around the yard. The other day,everything was wet and there must've been a hundred birds in the yard singing. It was very early,I was still in my nightgown,but I had to be outside to enjoy the beautiful chorus-of course,when the Ladies heard me close to the door to the deck,they started bleating-breakfast time!

Muck-Muck boots don't have to be Plain Janes. They can be very pretty and fun!!!

I'm sure the birds enjoyed them....and the Ladies heartily approved!


  1. Woohoo cool boots! I had some pretty ones once, they lasted about 5 minutes :D Now I have proper 'gummies' green ones. Gummies = gumboots, Wellington boots in Kiwi! :D Not keen on mud, I have a tendency to do the splits, my hips don't do those anymore, not by choice anyway! lol

  2. I hate the mud. Our feet get sucked right down into it.
    Thankfully,I haven't done a split yet! ( I probably just jinxed myself)