Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rutger Heirloom Tomatoes

My Rutger tomato seedlings are nearing their transplant stage ( well,most of them). Some of the seeds didn't take,but most of them did. I planted 78 seeds all total.

Rutger tomatoes are an Heirloom tomato,meaning,the seeds have been around a long time,and they are not hybrids or GMO's. The are indeterminate,meaning they don't all fruit at once. Last year I started making a conscious effort to buy only heirloom seeds,and if I couldn't find heirlooms,then I would buy organic.

Heirloom veggies don't look as "pretty" as others.That just proves that they are naturally grown!

My seed starting system is very basic. I use an old freezer for a table,a fluorescent light,a timer,a heating pad,and some seed starting pots in my basement. That's it. I bought the fluorescent light and timer at a box store,and the heating pad at a pharmacy. I did have to make sure the heating pad was not one of those that shut off after a period of time,though. You really don't need a fancy set up.

Sorry,this isn't the best photo,and as you can tell,it was before I watered them!

We decided to cut back on variety this year. Since we have to get the barn built, the less time we had to deal with the garden,the better off we would be. The only things we are growing this year in veggie land are tomatoes,cukes,green beans,carrots,potatoes and lettuce. We started our garlic last fall,so that is a done deal.

I am hoping to sell some seedlings this year as long as enough of them sprout!

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