Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I can't believe it's been so long since I have posted.Between Boy Scouts,Dr appts,reading up on "how to" do this and that, running errands,and taking care of the animals,it seems like time has gone by in the blink of an eye.

We are finally out of the throes of winter,the snow is gone,and the leaves are now coming out on the trees,the forsythia is blooming,and the weather is getting pleasant-thank goodness! It was a long,snowy winter,and we are finally to my favorite season-Spring.

The Girls are now laying on a regular basis,and we are letting them free range once again. I love the way they scratch at the ground and eat the bugs they find-their fluffy bottoms are quite cute ( am I the only one who thinks that? )

The goats are doing very well. Scout,Rick's wether,is on his last week of bottle feeding. We are down to one bottle feed a day for him. On Friday,Blizzard,my wether,goes down to one bottle feeding a day. By the end of the month,all the goats will be off the bottle. We have not found another doeling yet.

The Ladies are doing great.I went to a sheep shearing demonstration at the NH Farm Museum a couple weeks ago,and chatted with Tim,who was doing the demonstration. Come to find out,he and his wife,Lisa live only about 5 minutes from us. His wife is also a veteran,and he offered to to shear our sheep for us for free so he could show us how to to do it so we wouldn't have to attempt it by ourselves at first. I thought that was pretty nice of him!

Last week we had a bit of rain and a rainbow appeared-it started not far from our house. I have never been so close to a rainbow before.It was really cool. It started a few doors down from us,then went over the edge of our yard and across the street!

Today we are going down to my sisters house for Mother's Day dinner. Since she and my Mom are moving down to TN in early Fall,this may be the last Mother's Day we have together. Aside from that and the basic dishes and sweeping,I am not doing a darn thing all day! Today I am Queen!

I hope all you Mom's out there get spoiled like you deserve! I got a lovely breakfast served to me on the deck this AM,and a back massage coming this evening from my hubby :)


  1. Glad all is well in your part of the world x

  2. I have been wondering what you have been up to, too. I am digressing, but I love that you know the context for usage and always have the correct form of a word sound. Obtuse, but for a language junkie like me, it is bliss to read your posts.

    Anyway, you and the critters have come through this stunning winter so nicely. I live for fluffy bottoms, so please add me to your roster for, not roosters, but chickens. I have never lived where chickens were allowed, and even though goats are my special dream creatures, I read so often of the pleasure of simply watching them live their chicken lives.

    To have a couple scratching and grooving in the yard and the peaceful afternoon that would be sneak into my actual dreams sometimes and increase that longing for connection to, not only my food/eggs, but the experience of having them.

    Now that I am firmly here in a city, downtown no less, even if it were possible, the traffic, the coyotes and the lack of space are keeping this just a longing, it gives me great pleasure to read about the chickens and goat and dogs of other people. So nice.

    1. I am so glad that you enjoy my posts :) I love yours,too!