Saturday, May 17, 2014

Morning Stroll

When the weather is nice,we take the goats for a run up the Class VI road that runs along our property. There are only 5 houses on it,and it's a dead end,so it's not busy at all. 

Since Zach was in school,Rick was the runner this AM:

Our neighbor who lives behind us had her Great nephew visiting,and he loves our goats. She has brought him down on a few occasions to visit with the animals,and he adores the goats. He had to help Rick with the morning run:

It's great to introduce little ones to farm animals,and wonderful to seem them have fun!

The Ladies see us running with the goats and they call out to us..."BAAAAAAAA!!!!!" They let us know in no uncertain terms (very loudly,I might add) that they are hungry and ready for breakfast. We tell them to please be patient,the little ones have to come first.

Patience is rewarded by some fresh water and tasty feed hay.
While they are still a bit skittish,yesterday I was able to pat Starlight for a few seconds,and when I got a quick pat onto Violet and Woolsey,they didn't bolt away from me like before. They just backed away a few inches. I guess they are finally getting used to me :)


  1. I'm surprised at how much I enjoy hearing about all your critters. Although it looks like tons of work, it seems like it would be very healing to take care of God's creatures. You are one smart lady. You look after your family in so many ways. And your readers! This post certainly put a smile on my face this morning!

  2. You need to video that walk with the goats! How funny is that! :D

  3. Who knew that goats enjoyed a daily jog? That looks to be so much fun, as well as getting some personal exercise by default.