Sunday, August 18, 2013

Farmers Markets

When Zach and I went with My Dear Friend Michelle and her boys to the Wright Museum a couple weeks ago (the Wright Museum is a WWII/homefront museum in Wolfboro NH) we stopped at the Wolfboro Farmers Market after.

It was a very nice market,with goat cheese,soaps,herbs,fresh meats,gluten free foods,flowers,and plenty of fresh veggies.

Admittedly,I have never been to farmers market before. There are several around us,but I just never went.  I always loved the idea of it,and thought it great to support local folks,but apparently I talked the talk without walking the walk. I guess that happens to all of us sometimes.

I fell in love with the market. The bright colors of the flowers,the freshness of the veggies and fruits,homemade jams,and seeing the people enjoy themselves was really great. It also gave me some good ideas,and I could check out pricing on some items that I am planning on selling in the future. 

I had to bring Rick to check this out,so last Thursday  we went together. We sampled some delicious cranberry-honey chevre which I had to buy. I also bought some lovely relaxing loose tea. Rick sampled gluten free bread,which he pronounced the best he ever had,so we bought a loaf as well as some ginger cookies.

Farmers markets are easy to find-all you have to do is look up where there are farmers markets in your area on line!Considering what is going on with Monsanto,and the terrible things are they putting in our food,I am more and more interested in buying local and fresh!

Rick and I discussed the possibility of selling wares at a farmers market in the future. While I think it's something I may do,it's not going to be for quite a while. I want to get my products perfected first,and see how well they do from here at the house first. I have been planning and designing labels for various things.

The other day,a lady came up to the house for some eggs. We had our garlic and some ears of corn that we had just picked on the rack. She saw this and and asked "Do you sell garlic? Do  you sell corn? How about salad greens?" I could hear excitement in her voice,and I told her that we are working our way into what we sell. " I would buy from you," she said as she left. I told Rick about this lady and we thought it was the coolest thing. Sometimes you don't have to figure out what folks want,they will tell you!

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