Sunday, August 25, 2013

Garlic Harvest

We have  been discussing cutting back on some of the things we grow in our garden. Once again,most of our lettuce bolted before we could eat it. Our spinach did not do well yet again.I have tried onions for four years,and each year I may get one or two that are decent. We decided that at this point we need to cut our losses and concentrate on what actually does well for us. One of those things is garlic!

Yesterday I finally fully harvested the garlic. It had been sitting on my drying rack for weeks,more than necessary,but it didn't hurt the garlic by any means.

I laid out some newspaper so wouldn't make a dirty mess of the counter :

Cut the main stalk off:

The outer skin should be like thin paper. Take this off and brush off dirt:

Trim off the roots....

...and voila' ! Fresh garlic heads! They will not be as clean as those you get in the store,but do you really want them to?  I used some blueberry containers to store them.

Now I have to decide which ones to use as seed for next year's crop...planting time is in October!!

Do you have a crop that you have decided to stop growing because of lack of success?


  1. Hello Donna!

    How do you decide what you will use for seed? Can you buy organic seeds at the greenhouse/grocery store. As you know, we have a small garden and would love to learn how to grow it. My mouth is watering just looking at the picture. Great job!

    Teri Clough Whitten

  2. Garlic is sooo easy. I am going to plant my bigger cloves and save my smaller ones for cooking.
    My suggestion is to look on line for organic,or you can do heirloom,both of which are not tampered with. One clove will grow one plant.October is the time to get them planted,before the hard frost hits.This year I am going to order heirloom ones and plant ones I have as well.