Friday, August 9, 2013

Plan Of Attack

Sometimes there is so much going on in my head-between Scouting activities,Rick's up coming VA appointments,his PTSD service dog appts,gardening,canning,making soap,planning/building our enclosed mud room,barn,and working on making labels for the products I wish to sell-that I feel like I am in a complete tizzy.It also shows in my home-I have piles of unorganized paperwork,and I can't find what I need when I need it.There is so much to do,and it seems like so little time to do it. I know,however,that things will get done,and in time. It is just too much to contemplate in one sitting,if you know what I mean. 

I do have moment when I can slow down,such as my twice a week yoga classes,but these clear minded times are fleeting. My thoughts jump from one thing to the other,and I can't seem to find a moment to rest my poor brain. This leads to stress and anxiety. I bring it on myself,of course. All I have to do is have a plan of attack:

-What are the priorities? What can wait? Out of the main priorities,what needs to be done first?

-Break projects up into small bits,so it doesn't seem so very overwhelming. It's amazing what can be done a few minutes a day.

-Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today!

-Have a few quiet moments for myself each day to just sit and be.

We do have a vacation planned at near the end of August. We are going up to Pittsburg NH,the very last town before Canada. It's always a good place to restore oneself and clear out the cobwebs and stress.

When you find your brain on overload,as well as your calendar,what is your plan of attack?



  1. My default plan is to go on-line and read about other people's stuff. Good and funny, indifferent or awful, it is all fine for me.

    Did I miss something about you now having your dog? If so, congratulations! Details, please, because I obviously missed those as well, in my usual obliviousness. :)

  2. No,you didn't miss anything :) We don't have the dog yet,we do have an appt down in Central MA Friday morning with the Drs and trainers down there,so things are progressing along.