Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby,It's Cold Outside!

A winter storm is winding down now here in NH.It began snowing about 4:00 AM on Thursday morning,and right now,at 7:50 AM on Friday,it's still flurrying. School was cancelled yesterday and today. It's hard to tell how much snow we have,because the wind has picked up and is blowing the snow all over the place,but as of last night before the wind started we had over 6" and were in line to get up to a foot or more.The temperatures have dropped considerably,with the wind chill it's about 20 below zero right now,which makes road treatment pretty much useless. It could go down to 35 below tonight,and the weathermen are telling everyone to stay inside. They are saying it's going to be the coldest weather we have had since the 1990's,but it is going to improve starting tomorrow.

Rick has been checking on the animals to make sure they have plenty of feed  so they have enough calories to help keep them warm,and bedding. The sheep are pretty resilient,but the chickens are always more of a concern. Their house is closed up right now. He also has been taking the dogs out to do their business,and has been doing snow removal. Zach has been helping as well. Rick won't let me go outside to help because of the cold-he is like that.

I just took this photo a few minutes ago,and it looks like no shoveling has been done,but it was shoveled three times yesterday:

Looks like my car is in a bit of a drift! I took this through our bedroom window:

Our furnace still has not been installed,so we have been feeding the wood stove quite a bit. Overnight,however,it had a bit of a rest,so when Rick woke up the house was down to 53 degrees. It's slowly warming up,and right now it's 58 degrees.

It's a good day to read "The Long Winter!"

If you are having cold temperatures,stay warm!!!


  1. OH I couldn't be putting up with that snow! Keep warm, I'm so glad we don't get snow in this part of NZ, we're lucky if we only get 12 frosts a year. Mind you it makes up for it with the rain! :D

  2. I, too, love to read "The Long Winter" during a real doozy of a snowstorm; at least once every winter. Here in Michigan, we've gotten a small reprieve on snow, at least until tomorrow, but Whoo! is it cold! Stay warm in your little corner of the world! We'll do the same here.