Sunday, January 26, 2014

Homemade Dish Soap Trial

I have been trying to find a dish soap that I can make myself. Jill over at The Prairie Homestead (see the link to her site to the right under "My Blog List") came up with a recipe that she loves that I tried.

 Here is the link: 

She did mention that folks may have to make adjustments-she has homemade tallow soap,which is harder soap than the soap I make-and I also only had glycerin as opposed to vegetable glycerin. I followed the amounts in her recipe,however. The soap came out very watery,the dishes did not have grease on them,but because the grease rose to the top of the water,it left my hands feeling greasy and left a grease ring around the sink. I had Rick feel the dishes to see if there was any film on them because I couldn't tell. He said they felt nice and clean,so in that respect it worked great.

I then figured that I would try it again using Fels Naptha soap,which is a harder soap than what I make. I used 3 tablespoons grated Fels naptha,3 cups water, 1 teaspoon of washing soda,and 1 teaspoon of glycerin. I put it in a mason jar and shook it on occasion as it cooled.  It did become chunky when it was completely cooled,so I added a bit more water to it and shook it. Again,it cleaned everything well,but I still had a greasy feeling on my hands,and it left a grease ring around the sink.

I just can't get past the greasy hands and sink ring.Now,I don't know if the vegetable glycerin would make a difference,and it very well may. I am not sure what the difference between regular glycerin and veggie glycerin is, However,as far getting the dishes clean,it works fine. If you try it,don't be surprised to find there are no suds!

Next time I will see if veggie glycerin makes a difference as far the greasy hand feeling goes.

Have you had any success with homemade dish soap?

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