Friday, January 17, 2014

Homemade Cleaners

Yesterday I spent some time restocking my homemade cleaning supplies. I love not having to buy them! All you need are things you have in  your house:

2)White vinegar
3)Dish soap
And,if you are like me....
5)Essential oils for scent and for disinfecting.

( I do have more oils than these...this is a photo of my newer scents!)

 I make glass cleaner from vinegar,water,and a bit of dish soap. I use equal parts water and vinegar (depending on how much I need to fill my bottle),1/2 teaspoon dish soap,and I use as many drops of a whatever essential oil I am in the mood for. I put in 10 drops,shake the bottle,spray it in the air,and if I like the scent,I am done. If not,I add more drops,etc. This time around I used Fir Needle scent. Shake before each use!

A great disinfectant is water,vinegar,and tree oil. Again,equal parts water and vinegar,then approx 20 drops tea tree oil. Give it shake before  you use it!

If you don't have essential oils,don't worry,equal parts water and bleach work very well,especially in places like bathrooms!

I also had to replace our air freshener. Last time I used Lemongrass,this time I (again) used Fir Needle. Simply fill a spray bottle with water ( I used a 4 oz one)and put essential oil drops in. Since the bottle was not a big one,I used 5 drops to start,shook the bottle,and sprayed it in the air to see what the scent would be like. I think I used 6 or 7 drops. It was just the right amount of pine scent. Again,shake before each use,because the oils will find their way to the top of the water.

Today I made a new recipe I found for dish soap. This has been one of the banes of my life-trying to find a recipe that works. I don't mind lack of bubbles,but it has to cut grease and not leave my dishes filmy. I  have not found a solution to this problem,so I am hoping that this will work. I 'll keep you posted!


  1. This is something I really want to try doing!

  2. Thank you, Donna! Even though I live in a small apartment in a city, there are still so many things I could do to live in a way that is better for my health, the planet, and my pocketbook; these homemade cleaning products being just one. I look forward to more!