Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finds I Love!

I am a huge history fan.I read a lot of historical nonfiction and biography-the Middle Ages and the Tudor period are my main loves. I do enjoy some fiction- I love the styles and manners  of the Regency period thanks to Jane Austen,and love the Victorian Era as well.
It seems to me that we could learn a lot about being polite from these times,but I digress.

I wanted some old fashioned style Christmas cards this year,and something that was Victorian would fit the bill. I stumbled across a website, The Victorian Trading Company.They have all sorts of lovely things,from clothing,to inkwells,to calling cards. They also had some lovely Christmas cards. These were the ones I finally decided upon:

If you love the Victorian Era,I suggest you check out their website-you will fall in love!

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  1. I love the cards. Will have to check out that website! Thanks.